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From Roots to Roses

So, what’s in the book?


There are four sections:

Introduction and Development Sequence provides background information about Growth Mindset,  and a sequenced route map for implementation and embedding a Growth Mindset in a school, plus details of how to use the book’s contents to successfully achieve it;

Roots – the Foundations of a Growth Mindset provides tried and tested assembly and / or lesson plans with stories (self-penned and published) to use in assemblies and in the classroom, to get a school started on embedding a Growth Mindset. We introduce relatable characters of the twins Bob and Lola, through aspects such as the Pit and Challenge-O-Meter, The Power of Yet, Hard Work and Metalearning;


Personal Best provides assembly and / or lesson plans and story, to follow up and further embed a Growth Mindset, providing the transition from the foundations (The Roots) through Personal Best (self-improvement) and then onto the Roses of Success;


Roses of Succcess provides more assembly and / or lesson plans of stories and activities to use to sustain the development of a Growth Mindset, providing schools with a pick and mix approach to themes such as ‘Stickability and Effort’, ‘Mistakes’ and ‘Bounce Back’. All the Roses are linked back to the Roots section, and can be picked according to the needs and context of the school.


What’s in it for me?

For the headteacher the book provides a tried and tested route for implementing and embedding a Growth Mindset across the school. To go with the sequenced plan for development are all the assembly stories, associated resources and reference material.

For each assembly there are assembly plans, key information and key vocabulary, to guide you through, whilst providing flexibility to make it work for your school, in your context;


For the teacher the book provides tried and tested stories and resources to either follow up those used in assemblies, or as stand-alone stories for the children to enjoy. For each story there are complete lesson plans to guide you through, and full of key information and key vocabulary;


For the pupils the book provides a wealth of stories for them to enjoy and learn from, by following the journey of Bob and Lola, as they move from a Fixed Mindset to a Growth Mindset and then…


For the parents the book provides memorable stories for the pupils to recount at home, and so develop a family Growth Mindset.



Here’s some of the feedback we have had about the Roots to Roses with Bob and Lola!




Dear Bob and Lola,

During these months I have learnt that it is better to have a Growth Mindset because it doesn’t matter if I make a mistake if I learn from it. Also I have tried to persevere and try new things because all the time I learn something new brain cells or links start growing. So now I try my best at everything I do. And if I can’t do something, I can’t do it YET! I can do anything if I try!

D, aged 11


Dear Bob and Lola,

This year you have given me the language and tools required to explain to the pupils that it’s OK to ‘fail’ and be ‘in the Pit’. This has helped me to encourage the children to keep persevering and everything, no matter how hard, is achievable: ‘The Power of Yet!’ Thanks Bob and Lola!

Class teacher


Dear Tim and Deborah,

Thank you for sharing your Growth Mindset journey with us. We found the simple and clear plan for development easy to understand, and we could see the real value of stories to make it all come to life for the children – and adults. We have now started our own journey using your plan. Thank you for your time!

Deputy Headteacher

Extracts from the Book - take a look!

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