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About the Books

Background to Growth Mindset

Carol Dweck, Stanford Professor of Psychology, has spent decades researching achievement and success. She identified two mindsets, ‘fixed’ and ‘growth’.


Our mindset affects the way we interact with and make sense of the world, and how motivated we are to learn new things.


In a Fixed Mindset people believe that abilities, intelligence and talents are fixed traits – in other words, that you have a certain amount of ability and that you can’t do much to change or improve upon that;


In a Growth Mindset people believe that, with practice, dedication and hard work, abilities can be developed. This view creates a love of learning and resilience leading to personal challenges and a greater likelihood of a person being their very best.


Growth Mindset can be taught.

It creates motivation and productivity, not just in education, but in business and sports.

It enhances relationships and increases achievement.


Every word and action sends a message.

These messages tell children how to view themselves.


Some messages promote a Fixed Mindset by saying, “You have permanent traits and I’m judging them”.


Some promote a Growth Mindset by saying, “You are a developing person and I am interested in your development”.

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