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Family Mindsetters

Family Mindsetters – Growth Mindset for all the family!

Family Mindsetters uses the tried and tested methods used in school, translated into a highly accessible form for families to use. 

Taking the self – penned stories of twins called Bob and Lola, it provides a journey for each family to follow, to develop as a Family Mindsetters. 

Enjoy and learn from the stories and activities in this book .

The stories are warming to read and the creativity of approach is an inspiration.


The book contains:

Introduction to Growth Mindset – the science-y bit

This provides plenty of information about Carol Dweck’s research on Growth Mindset, and how it translates into family life, in an easy to read format for busy parents;

Eight stories and activities – from the Roots of Growth Mindset to Personal Best

Each story takes the family a little further along the road to a Growth Mindset, with background information for parents, and family activities at the end of each story;

References and other published books

This provides a reference to some great books that have ben used successfully with children, that you may wish to buy. 

Please go to ‘Buy the Books’ to grab your copy!

Why not recommend the book for family and friends?

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